Photos in the street by Jos V. Desmedt ©

( aka Jodet - street photography )
  • A horse in Manhattan
  • Two tattoos on the toes
  • No fear
  • Boardwalk biker
  • Yellow leads the way
  • Incognito
  • Sing and swim
  • ABC Teatro
  • What's in a name ?
  • sunny afternoon
  • The Lisboa queue
  • In reversed gear
  • 80 by now !
  • Rockfishing
  • Lady in red
  • The Classics
  • Art in the street
  • Chicago blues in red

Photography  as seen on this site tries to show  life and civilisation in public places , over the world. Some call it street photography. I prefer to call it photography in the street. With emphasis on photography.

A creative appoach and the mastering of some rules of photography is essential for this.  As is  a degree in humoristic sciences.

JOS V. DESMEDT  ( aka Jodet )

photographie de rue  - straatfotografie - street photography - photographie dans la rue - fotografie in de straat

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