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About streets and me

 Hello folks! I am a Belgian bluesman, writer, photographer (aka Jodet), and above all, a photographer of street life, with several international publications and prizes in contests.

In today's world , the concept of photography has changed dramatically. It has become a means of communication , accessible to many , young and old , literate or not. Which is good. And in combination with all the sharing options existing , it is an essential tool of life , happiness and business. In this world , the concept of street photography has evolved from being an art cultivated by the masters of the 50's and 60's , to being a bundle without a clear frame. For many years , I was happy to consider myself as a street photographer. Today I am a photographer in the street. The accent is on photography , the street is my playground. Composition , story telling , emotion , that's what's keeps me going.    PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE STREET.

This approach  is a great everyday option. No need for studio setup, no need for models, no need for good or bad weather, no need for clients, just you and the rest of the world. It starts with fun, transforms into passion, and may become obsessive. Most days, I would not go out without a camera. You never know, you know.

Each photo on this site has been “ hand picked” from my library. All are just candid. They have a title reflecting my perception, however please do not hesitate to fill in your own story.

Like in most forms of art, after the creation come those supreme moments of sharing.

Don’t rush, take your time, comment, enjoy.

Come back. Often.

It's a long journey.

And don't forget to "like" the photos you really like.

Thanks for visiting!

Jos V. Desmedt (aka Jodet)

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